Sunday, October 6, 2019

Tips For Auto Loan Approval

October 06, 2019 0
It is essential for one to have access to a vehicle for ease. Unfortunately, most vehicles are more expensive than an entire family's income. This is why an auto loan is needed.

It can be quite difficult for some consumer to get auto loan approval due to low credit score or bad credit. Below are some tips on how to get auto loan approval:

- To start with, get familiar with your credit score and credit history. There are free sites where you can calculate your credit score and keep track of your credit history, like Credit Karma.

Your credit score determines the kind of loan you can qualify for. If you notice that your credit score is low, you can fix it before you proceed. Note the problems or errors, try to fix them over the next few months and cut away unnecessary spending.

- Apply for a loan pre-approval. Apply with different options, your local bank, online lender or national bank. Try to apply to about 2-3 at a time, check the quotes and conditions, taxes and fees and interest. Doing this early will give you time to adjust your budget before you begin shopping.

- After securing the loan offer, the next thing is to fix a budget. While creating the budget, ensure that you include taxes and fees in the budget.

- After preapproval application and creating the budget, you can now move on to the market. Check for cars that are within your budget.

- After making the choice of vehicle you would like to purchase and settling the finances at the dealership office, review the terms of your loan once more. Just to ensure that everything is cool.

Endeavor to pay the loan early so as to keep a good credit.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Veteran Benefits

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Those who have served the country are eligible to a number of veteran benefits. These benefits can cover education, home loans, disability pay or pension.

- Pension/Disability Pay
Veterans who get injured while on active duty are eligible to disability pay. There are no tax attached to the disability pay. Veterans discharged on honor or medical basis are also eligible for this pay. The injury level determines the amount of benefit payments.
Pensions are determined by the years of active service and date of retirement. A lieutenant colonel, with 20 years of service, is eligible to about $6,100 per month.

- Survivors Benefits
Spouses and children who survive a veteran are entitled to a death pension, medical insurance and educational assistance.

- Home Loans
The VA also gives out loans for home purchase. Veterans, National Guard members and spouses of veterans who died while on service are eligible to the loan.

- Education
Another veteran benefit is educational assistance to veterans and their dependents.

- Medical Benefits
The veteran medical benefits covers emergency services, medical and surgical care, mental health care and counselling

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Low Housing Options for Seniors

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It is essential for seniors to have housing options that fit their low income. At their age range, their income level decreases significantly because they begin to live off savings, pension and retirement plans.

At this rate, housing may consume about 30% of their income which then cause a decrease in other living expenses.

Fortunately, there are affordable housing options for seniors. Some of them are below:

Medicaid Assisted Living
Medicaid is a health insurance program that is funded, run and maintained by the States. The insurance is made available to families with low income.

The cost of basic assisted living can range $1,800 to $2,400 per month, which amounts to about $30,000 per year. The total cost of assisted living accommodation can often be more than the yearly income of an average senior individual.

Housing Choice Voucher Program
Housing choice voucher program is a program that is funded by the Federal. Through this program, applicants who qualify will be given vouchers by their local Public Housing Authority. These vouchers can be used to secure accommodation in private housing sectors.

This program pays part of the rent while the applicant pays the remainder. This program is not restricted to seniors only.

Adult Family Homes
Adult family homes is a housing facilities that groups several seniors to live together in the same residential home. Residents have access to feeding, activities and medical care.
These homes are good for adults who do not require much medical support and do not want to live with family.

Section 202 Housing
This program is offered by Housing and Urban Development. And it is restricted to low income seniors.
Section 202 Housing provides accommodation, feeding and medical support to the approved seniors.

Section 811 Program
This program is for low income seniors with disabilities. This allows the individual to live independently with easy access to support aid.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Government Loan Programs

October 02, 2019 0
Government loans comes in various forms. These loans are helpful for education, housing, business and even healthcare.

Below are some information about common government loans to help you have an understanding about them.

- Student Loan Programs
This loan is one of the most popular type of government loan. Some of the most used student loans are:

* Parent PLUS Loans: This loan is for the parents of the students. The loan has to be paid while the student is still studying.

* Direct PLUS Loans: This loan is based on credit score and it can be accessed either by the student or the parent. It can be payed back after the student is done with studies.

* Stafford Loans: Only qualified students are eligible to this loan. The student does not have to pay back the koan until after graduation.

- Business Loan Programs
The government has set up plans of loans to assist the growth of small businesses. One of these loan programs is the SBA7, which allows the business to borrow up to $2 million. But to access these loans, you need a personal guarantee to keep you in check.

- Housing Loan Programs
Another popular loan is housing loans. Some types include:

* VA Loans: VA loans are for military veterans and it has a low interest rate with no down payment for mortgage.

* Energy Efficiency Loans: this loan is useful for when you want to upgrade your house to be more energy efficient.

* USDA Loans: This loan helps qualified persons to purchase homes in less populated areas. It checks credit scores and income rate to determine qualified applicants. Though, the purchase of the house is restricted to USDA qualified areas.

You can also check into private personal loans. Private loans help increase your credit score.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Discount Advantages for Seniors

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Most seniors live on little income or pension. Several companies offer special discounts for the seniors.

- Prescription Discounts
* Walgreens: members of Walgreens savings club can get 10% savings on certain products purchased at the store and 20% savings on immunization.

* RiteAid: Seniors can get up to 20% of if they sign up for the savings plan. And there is added 20% discount on all store products on the first Wednesday of every month.

- Retail Discounts
* Goodwill: seniors above the age of 55 can get 20% discount of their purchase.

* Kohl's: There is 15% discount on Wednesday for seniors.

- Grocery Discounts
* Fry's Grocery Food Stores: offers 10% discount to seniors above the age of 55 on the first Wednesday of every month.

* Ham's Teeter: offers 5% discount every Thursday to elders above the age of 60.

*Piggly Wiggly: offers 5% discount every Wednesday to senior customers above the age of 60.

*Bi-Lo: offers 10% discount off purchase to seniors above the age of 60 every Wednesday.

- Resturant Discount
* Ben and Jerry's: offers 10% discount to seniors who are 60 plus.

* Taco Bell: gives 5% discount off their meals and a free drink for seniors above 65.

* Sonic: offers the option of either a free drink or a 10% discount off purchase to seniors who are 60 and above.

* Applebees: offers 15% discount to seniors.

* Burger King: gives 10% discount to seniors above 60.

* White Castle: gives seniors, who are 62 and above, a 10% discount on their meal purchase.

* Jack in the Box: gives seniors above 55 a 20% discount off their purchase.

Note that some of these discounts vary based on location.