Friday, October 4, 2019

Veteran Benefits

Those who have served the country are eligible to a number of veteran benefits. These benefits can cover education, home loans, disability pay or pension.

- Pension/Disability Pay
Veterans who get injured while on active duty are eligible to disability pay. There are no tax attached to the disability pay. Veterans discharged on honor or medical basis are also eligible for this pay. The injury level determines the amount of benefit payments.
Pensions are determined by the years of active service and date of retirement. A lieutenant colonel, with 20 years of service, is eligible to about $6,100 per month.

- Survivors Benefits
Spouses and children who survive a veteran are entitled to a death pension, medical insurance and educational assistance.

- Home Loans
The VA also gives out loans for home purchase. Veterans, National Guard members and spouses of veterans who died while on service are eligible to the loan.

- Education
Another veteran benefit is educational assistance to veterans and their dependents.

- Medical Benefits
The veteran medical benefits covers emergency services, medical and surgical care, mental health care and counselling

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